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Teemo Time

Teemo Time is a back and front end project. It uses php for back end data analysis, and mysql for data storage. Test data, name is patt and server is oce.

Teemo Time ask's a League of Legends player for there summoner name, and based upon this returns them the exact time they have spent playing ranked LoL this season (year). It also ranks players based on there played time in relation to other players who have used Teemo Time

It does this by iterating over every game the player has played, and summing there played time. It then stores there played time in mysql, which can be accessed later for individual player ranks.

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devCha is a predominently back-end project. It use's NodeJs and MongoDB to scan through Riot's developer challenge endpoint.

The endpoint returns a list of match id's which represent URF games. Using riots match v2.2 API it pulls data about each game, including the champions who played and which team was victorious.

Using this data it stores the win and loss count for each champion, allowing it to generate win % and play % for champions.

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About Me

Jason Romaior - Web Developer

I am 18 years old, and I enjoy competitive video games, running and archery. I love all facets of technology ranging from coding IDE's to robotics, which influenced my entering the field of Web Development.

Since the age of 12 I have been fascinated with the limitless possibilites that programming holds, from virtual currencies to robotic vacumn cleaners. Once I had grasped this concept I was hooked.

To me, coding feels not unlike being an artist creating a painting. I love working on websites, ensuring they live up to my high expectations of design. I like to focus on keeping websites usable but at the same time having their own distinct personality.

I have extensive experience with back-end developing with php, as well as using bootstrap to make responsive websites that look beautiful on mobile, tablet and desktop.


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